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Thu Jul 18 03:54:01 EDT 2002

>sims: it is not a lot of work to do the date conversion by hand. it needs
>a Switching Year (Schaltjahr) algorithm for calculation of the length of
>february, and a list of the length of the months (31,28,31,30,31 etc.).
>You can even use the partially correct date items to do part of the parsing.

Yes, I am sure that it can be calculated (although I had never heard of the
Schaltjahr, thank you for telling me about it).

At 22:14 -0700 07/17/2002, Richard Gaskin wrote:
>Would be nicer to have DateToJulian and JulianToDate functions built into
>the engine....

I agree with Richard - it would be 'nicer' to be able to do it easier.




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