Announcement: a Japanese ML for Revolution

Hisao Oshima oshima at
Wed Jul 17 22:59:01 EDT 2002

SuperCard Users Japan has created a new Japanese mailing list for 
Runtime Revolution because more and more members of SCUJ are interested 
in Revolution as an alternative authoring environment of xTalk.   The 
Revolution ML in Japanese started on July 1, 2002.

In order to join the Japanese ML, send an email with "subscribe" or 
"subscribe digest" in its subject / title to the address below:

Revolution at

The language used in the list's discussion is Japanese, and you need a 
PC compatible with Japanese characters.

The greatest limitation of Revolution for Japanese users is that we 
cannot put Japanese directly into fields from the standard Japanese 
input methods of Mac such as Kotoeri and ATOK.  You can paste Japanese 
characters into fields all right, but it's a pity because Revolution 
adopts Unicode.   In spite of this difficulty, our members of the new 
Japanese list are diligently discussing now how to use and process 
Japanese characters in Rev.

SCUJ hopes you welcome this start of our Japanese mailing list for 
Revolution as a part of the Revolution user community, and we wish from 
all our hearts that Revolution will become fully compatible with 
Japanese characters soon.  This might be a great step for Revolution to 
reach Asian countries with similar 2 byte national characters.

Hisao Oshima
Secretary of SCUJ

SCUJ is a NP user group for  SuperCard users and other xTalkers in Japan.

Hisao Oshima
oshima at
Kanji Sign: 大島 久雄

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