How to create a MPEG movie

Claus Dreischer claus at
Wed Jul 17 15:40:01 EDT 2002

> Hi

Hi Peter,
(first time i can give an answer here :)

> What tool(s) would allow me to create a movie in .MPEG format? How is that
> usually done? What is .MPEG, as opposed to .AVI with some compressor?

Most used MPEG formats are MPEG 1 (Video CD) and MPEG 2 (Super Video CD, 

Best (quality/cost) programm for encoding is the Tsunami MPEG Encoder, 
TMPGEnc. It's Windows only.

AVI, for my understanding, is a kind of container for various formats.

I did some VideoCDs and SuperVideoCDs (you can whatch them with your 
If you have further questions regarding the encoding, i may help you.

> Thanks for all answers!
> Peter



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