yves COPPE yvescoppe at skynet.be
Wed Jul 17 00:56:11 EDT 2002

>  > Can someone help me to write a function that returns the difference
>>  of days between two dates ?
>>  Please don't forget the dateformat can be different from a system to
>>  another (U.S,French,German,...)
>Hello Yves,
>I don't know if this is the smartest way, but this should do it:
>on mouseUp
>   put "dinsdag, 9 juli 2002" into DateA
>   convert DateA from system long date to seconds
>   put "7/17/02" into DateB
>   convert DateB from short date to seconds
>   put DateA - DateB into diff
>   divide diff by 86400 -- No of seconds in 1 day
>   if char 1 of diff = "-" then delete char 1 of diff
>   put diff
>end mouseUp
>and the message box shows the date of 10 days ago in French (or Dutch, or
>whatever language you are using). As long as RR can understand the date
>format provided, and you specify which format it is, there shouldn't be a
>problem. The only thing is if the data provided is in languages other then
>the system language of the user and English, in other words: on my system, I
>can only interpret Dutch or English dates; not Frech or German. Maybe a nice
>feature request to add a few more languages than English...

Thank you very much. It works fine on a french system.


Email : yvescoppe at skynet.be

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