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peter.fink at tiscali.ch peter.fink at tiscali.ch
Tue Jul 16 15:38:01 EDT 2002

>>> controls.  this left the images on a card.  When I deleted the images
>>> images I thought were stored in the image chooser were deleted as well.
>> set the visible to false
>Shoa Sean,
>Thanks for your response. I discovered this work around. It works just
>but is ... a bit sloppy.  Is this really the way we are supposed to handle
>images that are used as icons?
>It seems to me that this feature of RR needs a bit more work.  It would
>nice if there were a way that you could store images in a stack without
>having the image expressed as a object. Forinstance when you select the

In my opinion the way how RR handles images as objects on cards, in a stack
or a substack, is ok. In my larger stacks there are anyway some cards that
hold the scripts and other program data. The images can go to similar cards.
It makes sense if the images do not need be stored in every stack that uses
them. It seems (by other posts) that this is indeed the case.


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