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Steve Messimer steve at
Tue Jul 16 08:35:01 EDT 2002

>> controls.  this left the images on a card.  When I deleted the images the
>> images I thought were stored in the image chooser were deleted as well.
> set the visible to false

Shoa Sean,

Thanks for your response. I discovered this work around. It works just fine
but is ... a bit sloppy.  Is this really the way we are supposed to handle
images that are used as icons?

It seems to me that this feature of RR needs a bit more work.  It would be
nice if there were a way that you could store images in a stack without
having the image expressed as a object. Forinstance when you select the
"Import as control" menu item of the file menu. It would be nice if the
image were stored in the stack permanently irrespective of whether or not it
was used as an image on the current card.  In addition it would be nice if
the image chooser had the capability to import images and to delete images
that have been stored. This of course would require that the image chooser
was capable of being invoked via another method rather than setting the icon

Why is this an issue?  Well I am currently working on a rather large
project.  I want my code and the resources stored in the stack to be as
small and efficient as possible.  Currently when I look at the custom Image
library for the stack I see a large number of stored images that are
redundant.  There are perhaps 60 or more images stored. There are only about
15 unique images used as icons in the stack. Given the current situation I
am not sure that I can safely delete any of them. The fact that they are
there is a consequence of me adding them as controls.

Perhaps a bit more information from the folks at RR regarding icon
management and the use of custom image libraries might be helpful here.

I guess what I am longing for here is a set of features that are similar to

If there are different ways to load, access and use images in RR that I am
missing, please anybody chime in.



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