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Tue Jul 16 02:05:01 EDT 2002

At 8:30 PM -0700 7/15/2002, Steve Messimer wrote:
>So I tried to load up the images again thinking that the reason they
>dissappeared from the image chooser was that I didn't actually save them the
>last time.  So I loaded all of them again and saved the stack.  When I
>deleted the images from the card they were again deleted from the image

They were deleted from the image chooser because they're not in the stack
any longer, and therefore when you display the images in the stack, they
don't show up, not being there. You can't display an image that no longer

One simple way to manage images you want to use but not show is to put them
in a substack. You never need to open this substack (except to edit your
images), and the user never has to see it; it images are available any time
the stack file is open, whether the substack window is open or not. Another
way is to place the images on a different card of the main stack. You can
also make the images invisible, as Shao suggested.

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