Cross-platform text-to-speech

Josh Dye Zzyzx at Relia.Net
Mon Jul 15 20:33:00 EDT 2002

I have (And had for the longest time) a simple stack that is TTS for
You can get it here:

You MUST copy the "Ext.dll" to plain C Drive (C:\)
Then run the program with rev, and Valla! Click the button, type some stuff,
and it should work! (Thats if you are on Win2k or XP. You might need some
more stuff)

 - Josh

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> > Narrator appears to be present on 2K and XP, didn't see it
> on 98.  Not sure
> > if this is what you're looking for, but it appears to be a
> bare bones text
> > to speech engine for reading dialogs/alerts/etc.
> ----------
> Yep! Its in the accessories. We just looked at it in W2K.
> All it does is alert and Windows stuff. We couldn't get it
> to speak the text of any docs. It actually will say the
> letter you type, too, even with the onscreen keyboard thing,
> but only _after_ you hit the key. Couldn't figure out the
> point of that. If it's supposed to help vision impaired
> users, they just _might_ want to know what the key is
> _before_ they press it, like it does with the Windows controls.
> ----------
> > Even Microsoft
> > acknowledges that users may need a third party utility if
> they want
> > something with more features.  Run a search on Google and
> you'll find a
> > bunch of references to Narrator and comparable utilities.
> ----------
> You can AS the MacInTalk speech utility with any text
> anytime, in any of 17 voices, plus HC has it as a button
> task if you wish, plus you can select any text, and it will
> speak it. I use it to feedback voice on all the buttons
> (rollover) in the app, plus speak the entire main field, or
> any selected portion thereof.
> I have a version of the Bible I can just choose a book,
> chapter, and verse, choose a voice, and it takes off,
> meaning it acts much like audio books. It will keep going
> 'till the end of the chapter (in this particular software
> version).
> This is what I need for Windows if the app is to work in
> that system, plus, I will need to control it to turn it off
> and on, volume, voice choices, etc., from Rev.
> I found the MetaCard external for TTS, but I don't know what
> functions it's supposed to control, or for what TTS app.
> Best regards,
> Ken N.
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