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Rob Cozens rcozens at
Mon Jul 15 15:35:01 EDT 2002

>The problem is that I get the same results of the example above, 
>which was just to show the problem.
>For example:
>stdFile "C:/Documents and Settings/Filippo/Documenti"
>the defaultFolder is setted to "C:/Documents and Settings/Filippo/Documenti"
>ask file "Select file"
>-- open the box in the last used folder, or, sometimes, in 
>"C:/Documents and Settings/Filippo", but the never in "C:/Documents 
>and Settings/Filippo/Documenti"
>This behavior happens for all folders I've tried, with both Windows 
>2000 and Windows XP Pro.

Read the following exchange from the improve-rev list and weep, Filippo:

>  >>> After the handler is run, the message box shows the defaultFolder is
>>>>  reset; however the Open Stack dialog defaults to the last folder
>>>>  opened.
>>>  This is pretty much expected behavior, no?
>>  Jeanne, et al:
>>  The Rev dictionary says, "Use the defaultFolder to specify which
>>  folder to show initially in file dialog boxes,"
>>  It isn't happening.
>Sounds like a docs glitch: you should specify the folder as part of the
>"answer file" command instead.  This is a feature - it used to work the
>other way but was changed to better follow OS standards.

When you're done weeping, contact Kevin Miller and tell him, as I 
did, "You had it right the first time."

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