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this is what we do in a application:

the defaultPath is set to the phat of the running application in an
openCard Script:
  global runningVideo
  get the filename of this stack
  set the itemDelimiter to "/"
  delete last item of it
  set the defaultFolder to it

This is done whe a user presses a button:

  global runningVideo
  put "VIDEO/C1PREP.MPG" into runningVideo
  play videoClip runningVideo at 539,329

This works with avi and mpeg on Windows 2000 and MacOS and even on a
HP-UX with xanim as player for the avi's.

What i discovered that this isn't running on WinNT 4.0 or Win 98.

If i put a player object into my applicaion an set the name of my video
to the filename of this player this is also working on WinNt 4.0 and Win

> >Unless I am misunderstanding the Rev documentation, it 
> states an .avi file
> >can be imported and played using the play command in the 
> following script:
> >
> >on mouseup
> >play videoclip "moviename.avi"
> >end mouseup
> >
> >This does not use the QuickTime player.  Metacard also has 
> this ability.
> >I have made a variety of avi files but can not get them to 
> display using
> >that script.  Has anyone done this successfully?  If so how??
> Are you using the same versions of both engines? (Check the 
> version and
> buildNumber properties in Rev and in MC to find out.)
> Are you sure the videoclip is present in the stack? Look in the App
> Overview, or else enter something like "put the name of 
> videoclip 1" in the
> message box, after importing.
> These are just the first questions I'd ask to try to track 
> down the problem.
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