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Mon Jul 15 09:16:01 EDT 2002

on 7/15/2002 1:31 AM, Ken Norris (dialup) at pixelbird at

> Thanks for replying, Rick.
> on 7/14/02 9:26 PM, Rick Harrison at harrison at wrote:
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>> Do you know in advance what the text is to be spoken?
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> Some yes, some no.
> I guess I've been spoiled by the Mac's ability to speak. Too bad Windows
> doesn't offer similar utilities. The HC version has very few problems
> speaking. I've even gotten some very old LC's to speak over the phone using
> the Limited Edition HC version. The person on the other end was very
> surprised to find that my side of the conversation was generated with
> nothing but a mouse.
> This is what I'm looking to do with Rev cross-platform, if possible.
> Best regards,
> Ken N.


If you knew what was going to be said in advance you could have just
pre-generated some .wav or .aiff sound files.

In your case you really do need some text to speech tools for Windows.

Kurt Kaufman's suggestion is probably your only solution.  If you get
it to work please let me know.


Rick Harrison

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