defaultFolder usage

Filippo Galimberti fgalimbe at
Mon Jul 15 04:43:01 EDT 2002

Dear All,
I'm having problems with setting of the defaultFolder; for example, I run 
the following script in the (multiline) message box:

answer folder "Select  the default folder..."
-- I choose, e.g., "C:/Documents and Settings/Filippo/Documenti"
if it is not empty then
	set the defaultFolder to it
	put the defaultFolder
	-- I check that the defaultFolder is set to the folder I chose; in fact I 
get "C:/Documents and Settings/Filippo/Documenti" in the message box result 
	answer file "Select the file..."
end if

contrary to my expectations, the "answer file" box is not opened in the 
folder I chose; sometimes it's opened in the last folder I used to open a 
Revolution stack, and sometimes one level up from the folder I chose, e.g., 
"C:/Documents and Settings/Filippo" for the above example
this is on Windows XP Pro with Revolution 1.1.1r2 (engine 2.4.1).

Any suggestion is mostly welcome. TIA.

Kind regards
Filippo Galimberti

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