One quick question

Ken Norris (dialup) pixelbird at
Sun Jul 14 22:05:00 EDT 2002

on 7/14/02 4:01 PM, Sarah at sarahr at wrote:

> The stack will import OK but you will have to add a save button/menu or
> an auto-save feature of some kind. If you want to make a standalone, the
> splash screen method is probably the easiest method, so your original HC
> stack can still be the main data storage and get saved but the engine is
> in a non-writable application file with a splash screen.
Thanks Sarah. Of course, I'd rather distribute a standalone, but maybe I was
being a little too simplistic. The app I'm thinking about certainly isn't a
recipe stack, and it has to do things like add and delete text fields from a
group, and make adjustments (like preferences) to a fairly broad range of
audio/visual feedback and operational options.

Best regards,
Ken N.

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