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Mike Brown mike at
Sun Jul 14 08:31:01 EDT 2002

Hi Jeanne,

Thanks for your response to my videoclip playback issue.  I already tried
all of those recommendations in my last two weeks of investigating videoclip
display.  I have spent a lot of time setting up test fields and test stacks
to identify the clip to be played.  After trying every available codec and
testing across multiple platforms, the only format of video I have
personally been able to play back within Revolution is the .mov (Quicktime)

This script only plays back .mov format:

on mouseup
   play videoclip "moviename.avi"
end mouseup

I am only looking for confirmation on this.  If I create an .avi movie file
using the industry standard "Media Cleaner Pro" application in any
compression codec (intel indeo, cinepak, ir 2, sorenson, etc...), it will
not play back from Rev although the same clip will play back in MetaCard,
Windows Media Player, QuickTime and in some cases Real on both Mac and Win

Rev documentation offers very sparse info on movie play back but it does
list the ability to play back a .avi clip from the script I described.

I guess I though video playback through REV would be a hotter issue, but it
seems to be falling flat on the discussion list - so I apologize for
bringing it up again.  I will be sure to list anything I find out about this
in the event somebody else experiences the same issues.


on 7/13/02 11:41 PM, Jeanne A. E. DeVoto at jeanne at wrote:

> At 11:37 AM -0700 7/9/2002, Mike Brown wrote:
>> Unless I am misunderstanding the Rev documentation, it states an .avi file
>> can be imported and played using the play command in the following script:
>> on mouseup
>> play videoclip "moviename.avi"
>> end mouseup
>> This does not use the QuickTime player.  Metacard also has this ability.
>> I have made a variety of avi files but can not get them to display using
>> that script.  Has anyone done this successfully?  If so how??
> Are you using the same versions of both engines? (Check the version and
> buildNumber properties in Rev and in MC to find out.)
> Are you sure the videoclip is present in the stack? Look in the App
> Overview, or else enter something like "put the name of videoclip 1" in the
> message box, after importing.
> These are just the first questions I'd ask to try to track down the problem.
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