Editing Menu Groups

Jeanne A. E. DeVoto jeanne at runrev.com
Sat Jul 13 22:56:01 EDT 2002

At 8:24 AM -0700 7/9/2002, Klaus Major wrote:
>When a grp has its backgroundbehaviour checked, then it has to be called
>background "xxx" if it is not on the card where it is called in the

This is close, but not quite correct.

A group is referred to relative to a card, just like any other control. So
if you refer to "group xxx", and you're not on a card that has that group
placed on it, you'll run into a problem, because Rev looks for the group on
the current card and doesn't find it.

Background references to groups, however, are relative to the stack, not
just a card where the group may be placed. Every group in a stack can be
referred to as a background, because (obviously) it's in the stack even if
it isn't on every card.

The backgroundBehavior setting doesn't affect this; it's just whether the
group is placed on the current card or not.

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