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At 2:46 PM -0700 7/12/2002, peter.fink at wrote:
>I'm now thru with the Transcript Dictionary, all 1303 pages.

Gulp. Congratulations - I think you're probably one of under a dozen who's
read the whole thing front to back. ;-)

>1) where is beep? it does not work for me.

Do other sounds work in Rev? If you play an audioclip or player, does the
sound come through?

>2) can the linktext be entered in the development system, in some panel?

Not yet.

>4)(repeat) how does the image library work?

The Image Library is essentially an interface for seeing and choosing
images in a stack. The built-in libraries are all stacks (that are part of
Rev); choosing one shows you the images in that stack and lets you copy an
image into your own stack, use it as an icon, and so on. When you create a
standalone, if you have used images in a built-in library as icons, you'll
need to check off these libraries to include them in the standalone.

When you select a stack of your own to display in the image library, it
scans the stack and displays all images. This is mostly convenient when you
have a stack you use especially to store images such as icons - using the
Image Library window you can create and manage the stack, then easily
examine the images and choose one. You never need to show the stack to the
user - just put one image on each card (or however you want to arrange

>5) how to make the little icons in the Go Back and See Also buttons of the
>Transcript Dictionary?

They're just icons underneath a transparent button which is the menu - no
special feature.

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