questions of 12 jul 02 (beep)

Monte Goulding monte at
Sat Jul 13 21:14:01 EDT 2002

> I found out that there is a "import picture into stack" menu item under
> the file menu, since then i haven't  touched the dreaded image library
> pos.
> My advise: don't use it.
Why would you advise that? The image library is a useful place to store
images that you use often as icons. When you want to build a distribution
then you just include the image libraries that you used.

This is how to use it:

- import an image
- select it
- open the image library
- click on new library and name it "My Icons" or whatever
- click on move selected image into this library

You now have an image stored in a custom image library. When you want a
button that uses this image as an icon the quickest thing to do is open the
image library, choose your "my Icons" library, click on your image then
click "Insert Button Reference into Stack".



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