questions of 12 jul 02 (beep)

peter.fink at peter.fink at
Fri Jul 12 18:56:01 EDT 2002

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>From: "Josh Dye" <Zzyzx at Relia.Net>
>> 1) where is beep? it does not work for me.
>It works for me. Just a simple code...
>on mouseup
>end mouseup
>You must have a PC Speaker installed to be able to work. The beep does

Josh, thats what I tried. I have Windows 98SE, internal speakers, the
PC speakers are enabled (as the modem card noises thru PC speakers) and
the rest of the sound (mp3, wav used) works in RR and elsewhere.
The missing beep must be on another setting. Maybe the multimedia control
panel? I'm out of ideas.
>4)(repeat) how does the image library work?
>Should be self-explanatory

I don't know how to add images to the library and where they reside.
I know however how to add images to a stack from a file and these show up
in the library. Maybe I don't see what the exact purpose of the library


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