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Fri Jul 12 18:16:01 EDT 2002

>Recently, "Dan Shafer"  wrote:
>>>  Doesn't work that way on my machine (WinXP). Open Rev -> Create New Stack
>>>  and name it "foo". Type:
>>>  put the defaultstack
>>>  into the messagebox
>>>  returns:
>>>  stack "foo"
>>  OK. Are you starting clean? I'm in a situation where there is a
>>  mainstack open, along with two substacks. If I have the mainstack
>>  open and I type
>>  set the defaultStack to "foo" (not the name, but...)
>>  into the message box and then immediately type
>>  put the defaultStack
>>  I get the name of the mainstack.
>I believe defaultStack is a global property that operates locally.  So, if
>you type in the message box:
>   set the defaultStack to "foo";put the defaultStack
>You should get "foo".
>In other words, once a handler is done executing, the defaultStack is reset
>to the top stack.  Since you typed your test scripts separately in the
>message box. The defaultStack was reset by the time you queried it.

That appears to be correct. That will work OK where I need this capability.

Thanks, Scott!

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