comment and questions of 12 jul 02

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Fri Jul 12 16:49:01 EDT 2002


I'm now thru with the Transcript Dictionary, all 1303 pages.

I consider it good documentation. The descriptions do contain the answer
to most of the questions one might have und give a clear, concise idea of
the RR concepts. The format and technical writing is good. I'd like to give
a positive feedback here.

questions of today (there are still some)

1) where is beep? it does not work for me.

2) can the linktext be entered in the development system, in some panel?

3) how to create spray, brush, cursor shapes as images? specially how to
create the transparent pixels?

4)(repeat) how does the image library work?

5) how to make the little icons in the Go Back and See Also buttons of the
Transcript Dictionary?

thanks to Sarah, Klaus, Dave, Dar, Ken, Jan, Heather, Geoff and the whole
community for their previous and future answers.

peter.fink at

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