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Fri Jul 12 11:07:01 EDT 2002

> Subject: Re: numberFormat prop
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> Recently, "Steve Messimer"  wrote:
> > it would be nice to see an example of how the
> > numberFormat should work.
> I believe the numberFormat is a global property, not applied to specific
> controls.  So you simply say "set the numberFormat to 0.00" and then any
> scripts currently executing use this format.
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There is one thing that was in the hypercard dictionaries be nice to have in the transcript
dictionaries. The HC dictionaries had buttons that demonstrated the command and could be
examined for the syntax. Being able to examine an actual working script would clear up an awful
lot of the the miss understandings that people are having to ask these lists about.  That would
save a great deal of time and energy that is now having to be expended. The above types of miss
understandings would not happen as often.

Just a thought.
Dave Calkins

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