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The defaultStack is changed whenever a new stack is opened, so if you do

on mouseUp
   set the defaultStack to "A"
   -- defaultStack is "A"
   open inv stack "B"
   -- defaultStack is now "B", even though A still appears (UI-wise) to be
the current stack
   -- To reset the focus, call it again:
   set the defaultStack to "A"
end mouseUp

You can see how the focus shifts from one to the other. SuperCard had a
similar property called "topWindow" that did the same thing.

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> It appears that setting the defaultStack of a stack file is a
> temporary action. If I change it from the Message Box, e.g., it never
> "sticks." If I say:
> set the defaultStack to "Foo"
> and then
> put the defaultStack
> it always returns the stack that was the default before I typed the
> I can put the same two commands in a button's mouseUp handler and it
> So the question is what else can reset the defaultStack property
> without my doing so explicitly?
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