Updating Data Substacks

Ro Nagey ro.nagey at verizon.net
Fri Jul 12 03:41:00 EDT 2002

Another approach that I implemented on a POS WAN back in the pre-Internet

Ship the new stack[s] under a new name. On startup, it checks to see what
it's name is...if it isn't MyOldStackName then it reads the data from the
old stack[s] into the new stack[s], changes the name of the old stacks, then
changes the name of the current stack to MyOldStackName.

That way, you're previous rev is still there in case something goes
tragically wrong.


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> Subject: Updating Data Substacks
> It just occurred to me that the RR model which requires me to create
> a separate stack to hold the data for my app might be an obstacle to
> product upgrades.
> My mainstack is a splasher. My substacks are a palette (which can
> change) and the primary data stack (which will change). If in my next
> rev of the product, I wish to add features (e.g., a menu or even a
> button on that stack with some new functions), I would expect to ask
> my users to replace their current stack with the new one. But that
> will, obviously, result in the loss of all their data.
> How should this work? What am I missing?
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