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Fri Jul 12 03:26:01 EDT 2002

Thank you all for your interest in my problems with sockets,
I certainly learned something from your replies.

Summarizing the problems I had it was impossible to
open a socket to a mail server and then get any more
than the initial welcome response from that server until
I restarted revolution.

This actually turned out to be one real problem and a
stupid mistake working together to thwart my efforts at
mail server communication.

In sending commands to the mail server I used linefeed
as described in the Revolution documentation
   write "command" & linefeed to socket "socket"
This certainly does not work on Windows but replacing
linefeed with CRLF works just fine as someone pointed out.
   write "command" & CRLF to socket "socket"

Correcting the above I have been able to talk to the mail
server without problems until I close the socket and 
attempt to open it again. That does not work and is a
Revolution specific problem. Once a socket has been
opened and used and it is then closed, it is spent.
Whatever clean up, clearing buffers or other things that need
to be done in relation to a close socket command, this
does not work. I even tried libResetAll. The only workaround
I know for the moment is to restart Revolution or the 

I will continue to work and learn more about sockets in
Revolution. For the moment I can check if there is mail
on a pop3 server using a few lines of Revolution, which
is a great promise that there are more exciting things 
that can be done with sockets.


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