Updating Data Substacks

Scott Rossi scott at tactilemedia.com
Fri Jul 12 01:12:01 EDT 2002

Recently, Dan Shafer wrote:

>> Good) Keep your data separate from the UI.  This way you can update the UI
>> independently of the data.
> Thanks for the fast reply, Scott.
> But this would require storing it in a text file and managing all the
> data manipulation stuff or alternatively using a database, right? If
> I have to do those things to keep data from being munged when I
> upgrade the app, I might just as well use a conventional programming
> environment! Transparency of data storage is crucial to stackware
> applications.

If I understand your correctly, the answer is no.  Data can be stored in a
stack, in fields, user props, whatever you want.  Personally, I use mirrored
controls in the UI stack and the data stack -- this makes it easy to keep
track of where the data is going.  To write/store the data, I open the data
stack invisibly and write any data changes/updates in the UI stack to the
data stack on closeField messages.


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