The learning curve is the burning curve

John john at
Fri Jul 12 00:27:01 EDT 2002

On Wednesday, July 10, 2002, at 10:42 AM, Ken Ray wrote:

> Ro,
> Here's a simple "send" script that puts the current time into a field:
> (I made this the script of a button, but you can change it to anything 
> you
> like):
> on mouseUp
>   send updateClock to me in 10 milliseconds
> end mouseUp
> on updateClock
>   put the long time into field 1
>   send updateClock to me in 500 milliseconds
> end updateClock

    It seems that this would work with only "updateClock" in the mouseUp 
handler (it does when I try it).  I can't figure out why the mousUp 
handler is shown as it is.  Is it necessary for some reason?


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