comments and questions of 11 july 2002

Sarah sarahr at
Thu Jul 11 20:30:00 EDT 2002

On Thursday, July 11, 2002, at 10:19  PM, peter.fink at wrote:

> 3) how to edit a polygon graphic: I can move points and insert new 
> points
> (even accidentally), but how to delete a point?
If you select your polygon and choose the reshape polygon tool, you can 
move various points around with the mouse. Option-dragging from a point 
gives a new point and command-clicking on a point deletes it. (These 
modifier keys are what works on a Mac - other system users will just 
have to see what works for them.)

Alternatively, open the Properties palette for the graphic and under the 
Graphic tab, you will find a list of the points specified as a pair of 
coordinates per line. These can be edited, deleted, duplicated etc 
either in the palette or by a script.


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