Using XCMDs/XCFNs in Revolution

John Roos roja at
Thu Jul 11 07:31:01 EDT 2002

>> I've used HyperCard a lot in the past, and have recently started working
>> with Revolution. In my HyperCard stacks, I've used a lot of
>> XCMDs/XCFNs, and
>> I would like to keep using them.
> John
> This does not directly answer your question, and how you read it depends
> a bit on whether you are developing Rev solely for yourself on a Mac or
> have broader possibilities...
> Reiterating a conversation on this list from early this year, if you are
> new to Rev then I really encourage you to try flying without the XCMDs.
> With a bit of digging among the new (HC-superset) features, you will be
> amazed at both the capability and speed of Rev. I speak from experience
> in that I quite deliberately chose not to rely on XCMDs when moving from
> HC to Rev, even though I had some 200 catalogued in my library and had
> written more than half of those myself. I have not regretted that bit of
> cold turkey but have learned faster in consequence.
> You may have a particular need and the XCMDs you have mentioned may be
> just perfect so don't let me put you off. However, you did say you were
> relatively new to Rev and I have inferred from that that you have some
> ground to explore in the language. Try it without the old HC
> expectations and I am confident you will enjoy it a lot.
> regards
> David

Thanks for the reply and you are 100% correct. However, at least for some
quick-and-dirty stacks some XCMDs would certainly come in very handy. So,
I've tried a few more XCMDs/XFCNs, but they all don't yield any result. So
my question remains: to make XCMDs/XFCNs work, is there more to it than just
copying them to the .rev file using ResEdit?

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