comments and questions of 11 july 2002

peter.fink at peter.fink at
Thu Jul 11 07:19:01 EDT 2002


I'm really impressed by RR. it is rich of features. Everything on the HC
level I touched works. The new things that I touched work too. I'm impressed
by images (blend, image icons) and sound (QT player). The additions upon
HC make sense.
There are glitches, but no worse than other environments I know.


1) menuButton() function: what is it supposed to do? it does not return
a sensible result to me.

2) newTool message: I do get this message for the choose someTool command
in a script, but not when a tool is clicked in the object or paint palette.
How to make that work?

3) how to edit a polygon graphic: I can move points and insert new points
(even accidentally), but how to delete a point?

4) what are the built-in sounds, if any?
where is "boing", "harpsichord"?
where is play "boing" tempo 200 "c4e c dq c f eh" ?

5) I can't type the characters \ | [ ] @ in the script editor on a swiss-german
keyboard, as they are typed here with the AltGr modifier key. How to fix
this ? (I'm not asking for bypasses).


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