Larry Forsgren larry at
Wed Jul 10 14:44:02 EDT 2002

Correct, server contains "mailsever:110". 
I logged the results to a field but it came up empty.
The sysError is 0 which I don´t know what it means.
The actual code as it looks currently is below.
It does not matter if I change to a different mail server.

on revPOP_connect
  # Description..: connects to the mail account
  # Parameter...: "server, user, losen"
  set socketTimeoutInterval to 1000
  put item 1 of param(1) & ":110" into server
  put item 2 of param(1) into user
  put item 3 of param(1) into losen
  open socket server
  read from socket server until linefeed
  if offset("+OK",it) is zero then
     answer the sysError
     close socket server
     answer "No connection!"
     put "Connected to" && server & return into field id 1004
     write "USER" && user to socket server
     read from socket server until linefeed
     put return & it after field id 1004
  end if
end revPOP_connect


>> I need a bit of assistance on sockets. Trying something like
>> open socket "mailserver:110"
>> read from socket server until linefeed
>> answer it
>> close socket "mailserver:110"

>I assume server contains "mailserver:110".

>You can set up some diagnostics.  After each socket command, log 
>the result, the sysError, and the openSockets to a field.  Make 
>handlers for socketError and socketClosed and log those calls, 
>too.  You might as well log the data from read while you are at it.

>This can give you a "heads up" that might indicate the problem or 
>provide details to send to the list.

>Dar Scott

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