Coerce number into numberFormatted integer--How?

Rob Cozens rcozens at
Wed Jul 10 12:03:01 EDT 2002

>>So, we can see it *is* working.. But how to coerce the simple integer that
>>is not a result of math into the dollar format... I *can* just "fake" a
>>calculation put (1*tShipping) into tShipping. And that works, but, hoping
>>not to have to be doing that in the long term, as one day someone else
>>looking at the code will be asking "What is That for?" I suppose if there is
>>no other option we will just explain that line with a comment... And end up
>>with two extra lines of workaround code.
>First the creation of dollar strings
>You can make a few functions called dollar and dollarComma and 
>dollarCommaSign, or some better names you think up.

Dar, et al:

OR, as I eMailed Sivakatirswami privately this morning, you can 
request a "pre-prerelease" version of The Serendipity Library:

FYI, my soon-to-be-prereleased Revolution library includes handlers to:

* Convert numbers stored in "generic format" to a display format 
selected by the user.

* Convert numeric user input into the selected display format.

* > Pad or strip (w/rounding) trailing decimal digits to a specified 
precision. <

* Strip a number formatted for display, converting it to a "generic 
format" for storage.

* Validate user input is numeric.

It also includes a dialog stack to set a mainstack's number format 
property, which specifies currency symbol (leading/trailing), 
thousands separator, and decimal separator.

The library will be released for free distribution when testing & 
documentation are completed.

The above routines have been completed & tested; however 
documentation is not finished yet.

If you would like a pre-prerelease version, I would be happy to 
provide it to you.

Any other interested parties should contact me privately.

Rob Cozens
CCW, Serendipity Software Company

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