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Wed Jul 10 10:37:01 EDT 2002

On Tuesday, July 9, 2002, at 11:57 PM, Geoff Canyon wrote:

> At 6:15 PM -0600 7/9/02, Dar Scott wrote:
>> Let's see.  RunRev HQ is NE of my house.  And my house is about 
>> NW of RunRev HQ.  How can that be?
> It's possible for RunRev HQ to be exactly NE of you, _and_ for you 
> to be exactly NW of them.
> This is roughly halfway between New Zealand and Antarctica. My 
> globe doesn't show anything but water near there. Since you said, 
> "about" the choice seems to be New Zealand.

There is another solution near British Columbia, Canada.  (Do we 
know anybody there?)  The latitude should be the same as Edinburg, 
but I don't know a quick way to get the longitude.  The "about" 
makes this riddle apply to just about any place in western North 
America including New Mexico and California.  Oh, yeah, and New 
Zealand and Australia.

Follow the great circle going NW from Edinburgh.  Shortly, you are 
going WNW.  After you pass Greenland, you are going west.  At some 
point near BC you are going SW.  You cross the equator going SSW.  
Near the Tasman Basin (by Australia and New Zealand) you are going 
SW again.  In the southern Indian Ocean you are going west and then 
NW.  You cross the equator near western Africa going NNW.  When you 
get back to Edinburg, you are going NW again.  You may stop.  The 
solutions are those that have the direction SW, since the opposite 
direction is NE.

Now, my other question?

Dar Scott

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