Using XCMDs/XCFNs in Revolution

John Roos roja at
Wed Jul 10 05:23:01 EDT 2002

I've used HyperCard a lot in the past, and have recently started working
with Revolution. In my HyperCard stacks, I've used a lot of XCMDs/XCFNs, and
I would like to keep using them. However, I haven't been able yet to get
them to work. What I've done so far is create a main stack in Revolution and
then use ResEdit to copy the XCMD/XCFN into the .rev file that Revolution
creates. From what I've read so far, this should be enough, but it doesn't
really work for me.

Here's a simple example that doesn't work for me. I created a stack in
Revolution with just a field with some text, and a button. The button's
script contains this:

on mouseup
  put CaseChange(field 1,u) into field 1
end mouseup

I copied the CaseChange XFCN (from Rinaldi) to my stack using ResEdit, but
the result when I click the button is that the text in the field is cleared.
The external should convert the text in the field to upper case. (BTW, this
is just an example. I know that this can be easily coded using Transcript.
It's just to show what happens when I try to use an external.)

Something similar happens when I use Rinaldi's FullFind XFCN. Another XCMD
that I've tried didn't work either. Is this to be expected? Do a lot of
externals not work with Revolution? Or am I doing something wrong?

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