Coerce number into numberFormatted integer--How?

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Wed Jul 10 00:51:01 EDT 2002

Well, developing CGI for the net on Mac OSX with Darwin on your own station
really "rocks" as the kids say...thank you Scott Raney!

I am in the middle of developing a mini ecommerce site for where people can
purchase a coloring book in quantity... It's soooo very simple with MC/Rev

Minor problem: shouldn't numberformat recognize and format a simple integer
returned by a function? If I set the numberFormat to "#.00" we get:

Subtotal 30.00
Shipping and handling: 8
Total 38.00

If I comment that out I will get

So, we can see it *is* working.. But how to coerce the simple integer that
is not a result of math into the dollar format... I *can* just "fake" a
calculation put (1*tShipping) into tShipping. And that works, but, hoping
not to have to be doing that in the long term, as one day someone else
looking at the code will be asking "What is That for?" I suppose if there is
no other option we will just explain that line with a comment... And end up
with two extra lines of workaround code.

Shouldn't numberFormat recognize a numeric value returned by a function as a
"calculation" of sorts?

Script snipped below.

On startup 
  read from stdin until empty
  ## put the form data into an array
  put  urlDecode (it)  into tDataIn

 split tDataIn by "&" and "="
  if "buyer_location" is among the lines of keys(tDataIn) then
    ## this is the initial selection of product/location/quantity choices
    ## so we process the quantity to build the order form.
    ## one version for all foreign orders and one version for USA/Canada
  set the numberformat to "#.00"
  put (tDataIn[quantity]*3.75) into tSubTotal
  put calculateShipping (tDataIn[quantity]) into tShipping
  put tsubtotal+tshipping into tTotal
   put url "file:/Users/katir/Sites/mystic_mouse/mouse_order_form.html" into
  replace "###Quantity###"  with tDataIn[quantity] in tOrderForm
  replace "###Subtotal###"  with tSubtotal in tOrderForm
  replace "###Shipping###"  with tShipping in tOrderForm
  replace "###Total###"  with tTotal  in tOrderForm
  put  tSubtotal & "<BR>" & tShipping into tResponse

 put "Content-Type: text/html" & cr
   put "Content-Length:" && the length of tResponse & cr & cr
   put tResponse
 end if
end startup

function calculateShipping x
case (x>4 and x<11)
  put 8 into tShipping
case (x>10 and x<16)
  put 9 into tShipping
case (x>15 and x<21)
  put 10 into tShipping
case (x>20 and x<26)
  put 11 into tShipping
case (x>25 and x<31)
  put 12 into tShipping
end switch
  return tShipping

end calculateShipping

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