Editing Menu Groups

yves COPPE yvescoppe at skynet.be
Tue Jul 9 22:48:01 EDT 2002

>on 7/9/02 11:50 AM, Karl Petersen at karlpet at mac.com wrote:
>>  At 5:44 PM -0700 7/8/02, Dan Shafer wrote:
>>>  I open the Menu Tool, click "edit" select the menubar in the
>>>  resulting list, and it shows up in the editor, but its name is
>>>  grayed out and none of its buttons appears in the list. The *only*
>>>  way I've been able to find to edit this sucker is to remove its
>>>  background behavior property in the property window, then edit it,
>>>  then set it back. Is that really how this works?
>>  That's not the normal behavior, Dan. I've never seen that. Here I'm
>>  allowed to edit a menubar group without first turning off its
>>  backgroundBehavior property.
>>  I poked around a bit trying to force the graying out of a menu, but
>>  had no luck. No idea what might cause that.
>I've had the same problem/experience as Dan -- if the bg behavior is checked
>(on) I cannot edit the menu via the menu manager (greyed out).. I've been
>editing the buttons directly on the card ("edit the script of btn "File""
>for instance), so I also appreciate the suggestion of using the AO.

I too work on mac OS X but didn't encounter the problem.
if  menubar is/or not checked for bg behav, I can always edit it 
using the menu tools...never meet a grayed out menubar name in the 

I don't know why this difference although I have sometimes another 
problem (similar)

It happens that the menubar is merely not in the list !!!
and I also don't know how it happens.
I delete the menubar with AO and
I re-create my menubar with the menu tools..;and thne it works.



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