accept on multihomed computers

Josh Dye Zzyzx at Relia.Net
Tue Jul 9 19:35:04 EDT 2002

Our might lord Dar Scott has a QUESTION! ::Gasps, then runs in corner,
hiding, keeping a lookout both NE and NW::


 J/k, I have no idea. Now, if I were ever to come up with a ANSWER (The
exact opposite of QUESTION, for all ye lazy people out there...) Then I
would have to slap myself....... Wait a second........

 - Josh Dye

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Subject: accept on multihomed computers

> I had thought that "accept socket" and "accept datagram socket"
> would apply to the default IP address (and the adaptor associated
> with it) of the local computer.
> Now, I'm not so sure.
> Anybody know what address(es) accept will listen on?
> (I guess I can run some tests, but I'm very, very lazy.)
> Dar Scott
> Let's see.  RunRev HQ is NE of my house.  And my house is about NW
> of RunRev HQ.  How can that be?
> (Very lazy.)
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