Help with downloading web page

Bruce Wilson skycap at
Tue Jul 9 11:43:01 EDT 2002

Can anyone help with a generic RR script to download a web page.
It should include ability to include httpheaders information and to post 

The following script has worked on about 80% of web sites but it appears 
some sites require me to post info or wants to set cookies, be a big 
browser,etc. which goes beyond my scripting abilities.

on mouseup
   put word 1 of fld "symbol" into sym     --Stock symbol
   put char 1 of sym into b
   put ""&b&"/"&sym&".html" into myurl
   put url myurl into dataVar
   put HTMLtoTXT (dataVar) into dataVar     --HTMLtoTXT is external Func.
   put cleanUpTXT (dataVar) into fld "data" --clean up & put into fld	
end mouseup

Thanks in advance for any help.

Bruce Wilson

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