Questions of 7 jul 02 (image library)

peter.fink at peter.fink at
Tue Jul 9 05:43:02 EDT 2002

>> 4) how to work with the image library? how to accumulate images to be
>> as icons?
>> (I found that an image placed on a card appears in the image library
>> can be used as an icon (really great), but how put an image into
>> the library
>> without showing it on a card first)
>FWIW, I'm not too crazy about the image library. You'll need to copy the
>images from the library to your stack before creating an executable (unless
>you include the image library stack) and when you copy the images, they
>get new image ID's which screws up your icons on your buttons. I've found
>better to just copy the images I want to a blank card on my stack, then
>reference them from there.

Chipp thanks for your opinion. it is not clear how to work with the library.
your suggestion to place the images on a blank card makes sense. Thats what
I'm doing for other objects anyway, since ever.

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