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>>January 22, 1998
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>>I also agree with Dan that the headings should have an identifying tag.
>>This is not an issue for those who are getting digests, but for those of
>>us who prefer to consume our postings raw and subscribe to multiple lists
>>such an addition provides useful context.
>This is a ridiculous suggestion and I trust the legs will fall off 
>it soon. The problem is solvable by yourself using free or dirt 
>cheap e-mail clients for selective disposition of various mails 
>based on source, as I do myself for multiple lists and sources, 
>which include both the use- and premium- lists here. Asking for 
>clutter in the subject is simply imposing your problem on other 
>people. Both in perusing subjects for important items and in those I 
>file, I do not need rubbish at the start of each title just so that 
>you can continue being lazy or antiquated about your mail management.

I've been online a lot of years, David, but seldom do I see such 
vitriol in response to a perfectly legitimate suggestion. You 
obviously have a lot of emotion tied up in this issue.

I originated this suggestion because I belong to a fairly large 
number of mailing lists that all use the same list manager as this 
one. Every single one of them prepends the list name to the subject. 
Every one. So the suggestion is patently not "ridiculous." I would 
characterize myself without too much hesitation as a power email user 
and I certainly know how to deal with email using scripts and 
filters, your aspersions about my laziness notwithstanding.  There 
are advantages to my being able to group all of my email from one 
list in my In box and do a quick scan of their contents. Yeah, I 
could have them routed to a folder and do the same thing, but since 
other list managers have seen fit to make it easier for me by 
modifying the subject line, I thought it might be a useful idea here. 
Obviously, you not only disagree, you take the suggestion personally.

Too bad you had to turn this perfectly reasonable discussion into a 
flame. Hopefully you'll reconsider your tone in the future.

>>Dan Shafer wrote on 7/8/2002 11:39 AM
>>>Now all of this may just be confusion caused by the name of the
>>>mailing list. I mean, I think you have said you want and value *all*
>>>customer feedback on improving the product. So maybe you need to call
>>>the other list something like "premium-support" or some such thing,
>>>without changing its purpose and role.
>>>It would be less confusing for a pain-in-the-butt newcomer like me! :-)
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