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January 22, 1998
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Dan has hit on the real point of confusion. The name of the pro list 
should better reflect it's purpose. I recognize that there is a 
historical reason for the list name, but it has now changed and its name 
should reflect the new reality.

I also agree with Dan that the headings should have an identifying tag. 
This is not an issue for those who are getting digests, but for those of 
us who prefer to consume our postings raw and subscribe to multiple lists 
such an addition provides useful context.


Dan Shafer wrote on 7/8/2002 11:39 AM

>Now all of this may just be confusion caused by the name of the 
>mailing list. I mean, I think you have said you want and value *all* 
>customer feedback on improving the product. So maybe you need to call 
>the other list something like "premium-support" or some such thing, 
>without changing its purpose and role.
>It would be less confusing for a pain-in-the-butt newcomer like me! :-)

Jonathan Feinstein
Shrink2Fit Software

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