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Dan Shafer dan at danshafer.com
Mon Jul 8 13:58:01 EDT 2002

OK, I have my first RR app almost done. I have one cosmetic problem. 
Since I have to use a splasher so the substack that comprises the 
main functionality of my stack can be a data repository, I've 
designed a splasher with two text fields in it. It's pretty small.

When I open the stack, the splasher shows, but its text contents do 
not. The splasher pauses for 3 seconds (per script) and then closes 
itself and the substack appears.

Here's the openStack script in the splasher stack (mainstack):

on openStack
   show this stack
   wait 3 seconds
   hide this stack
   open stack "Lateral File"
   show stack "Lateral File"
   set the defaultStack to "Lateral File"
end openStack

I suspect I don't need the last line but it's left over from earlier 
testing. I put the first line in because when the app is quit, the 
splasher isn't visible and it seemed that when I opened the stack 
under those conditions, the splasher would not appear visible.
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