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Dan Shafer dan at
Mon Jul 8 12:50:01 EDT 2002

>At 11:42 PM -0700 7/7/02, Dan Shafer wrote:
>>Does RR have a true component model? One that would allow me, e.g., 
>>to create a new *type* of component either by aggregating existing 
>>ones or by starting with an existing component, changing default 
>>properties and then saving it in a way that I could transparently 
>>use it in my RR apps?
>Dan, check out the Object Library in the Development menu. It allows 
>you to install Rev-defined objects that ship in the Library, plus 
>install your own objects you've added to the Library. You can also 
>create new libraries you access via the Object Library.

Very cool. I hadn't even discovered this little gem yet. There's 
obviously a need for an intro book to this rich environment!

I will explore this stuff and see if it will do what I need. On first 
blush, it looks as if it might.

Thanks for the pointer!

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