Mac OS 9 or X?

Carsten Levin levin at
Mon Jul 8 02:59:39 EDT 2002

Jeanne A. E. DeVoto,

Thanks for a good and precise answer. A supplementary question: We are using
 ----if platform() is "MacOS" then ... etc. ----
to check before using som exts that require Mac OS 9. But how can we
determine if the system is Mac OS 9 or Mac OS X?

Best regards

Carsten Levin

Ps. You should considder implementing a dialoque warning people when using
the wrong Mac Rev-version of 1.1.1 on the wrong Mac OS.

> There are two separate versions. The OS X version of 1.1.1 is a Carbon
> application, and will run on Mac OS systems as long as they have a
> sufficiently recent version of CarbonLib installed; however, this is not
> recommended and you may encounter some stability problems. It's better to
> use the Mac OS version instead.
> (Also, in future versions, it won't be possible to run the OS X version on
> Mac OS any more, because of changes needed to support new functionality on
> OS X.)

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