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Dan Shafer dan at
Mon Jul 8 01:46:01 EDT 2002

Does RR have a true component model? One that would allow me, e.g., 
to create a new *type* of component either by aggregating existing 
ones or by starting with an existing component, changing default 
properties and then saving it in a way that I could transparently use 
it in my RR apps?

Overly simplistic example: I note that when I create a menubar in RR, 
for some reason its backgroundbehavior property is not set. I 
consider that an oversight, but that's beside the point. How could I 
create a new menubar component (assuming menubar is a component, and 
I'm not at all sure it is) that would have that property set by 

Slightly more interesting example: If I want to create a tri-state 
toggle button, it seems like there would be a fair amount of 
scripting work involved. how, if at all, would I go about creating a 
new button type that I could just plop into an app?
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