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Richard Gaskin wrote:

>One of the things Rev gives me and my clients is a way to step off that
>roundabout:  my fulfilling Java's promise of "write once, run anywhere"
>(Java is more like "write once, crawl anywhere"), we are at last liberated
>from the whims of any specific OS vendor.  An OS can gain or lose
>marketshare, but as long as people use any modern computer at all Rev lets
>us reach them.

Yes. Precisely.

>While Revolution is a relative newcomer, it's MetaCard engine just turned 10
>years old this weekend, making MetaCard Corp. the longest-lived xTalk vendor
>ever, and the MetaCard engine the second-longest-lived xTalk engine still in
>development (after SC, which turned 13 in May), roughly as old as VB.

As significant to me as the solidity of the engine is the question of 
the durability of the underlying graphics library. In my work with 
PythonCard, one of the things I'm experiencing - and a little 
frustrated by - is the reliance on wxPython for  the Mac. Development 
seems streaky and our current best guess is it will be at *least* the 
end of the year before that graphics library is working well on X. 
And it will  never run on Classic.

I assume Revolution is using a proprietary graphics package, but 
perhaps they've licensed or relied on something more solid. Can't 

>Basing the Rev UI on such a solid engine from such a strong partner company
>can only bode well for Rev's viability.

True. And the company not being in one of the Silicon Locations in 
the US is another advantage, I think. Maybe those who invest in 
Revolution will take a longer view than what's in the next quarter 

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