Participation in Improvement List

Chipp Walters chipp at
Sun Jul 7 01:06:01 EDT 2002


Couple of points. First, I agree with you. I don't understand why RR
wouldn't want ALL USERS of RR to be able to post to the improve list --
unless it's a kind of paid for beta-testers only list. I would imagine the
folks at RR would welcome all developer input regarding bugs, etc.. In fact,
exclusive posting to the improve list only started a couple of months ago.

That being said, as someone who has a Professional License, I don't think
you're missing out on a lot not being subscribed to the improve list. The
bigger value of a Professional license is the ability to communicate
directly with Kevin and others at RR. Of course, as you get to know the
individuals on this list better, you'll find plenty of VERY good technical
support here. Kind of like the old days on AOL/CIS with Chris Watson et al..

The other point is one you know very well. Like you, I spent too many hours
in HC / SC / ToolBook only to see these companies and products NOT succeed.
Fact is, the old model of charging $199 for an authoring tool just doesn't
work for these 'talk' products. I'm glad to be able to support RR (even
though their product is new -- and IMHO not as finished as could be) and I
don't mind supporting the cause. In fact, I also purchased a MetaCard
license as well -- with which you can then Email directly to Scott himself
your question (though not too often!).

Since the SC/HC days, I've used VB, Java, Flash, Director and others and
nothing can compete with RR/MC for the speed of development. Plus... the
executables are remarkably stable and fast!



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