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Sun Jul 7 00:11:01 EDT 2002

>On Sunday, July 7, 2002, at 02:36 , Dan Shafer wrote:
>>I'm a bit of a Johnny-Come-Lately here and although I've posted my 
>>share of questions in the past couple of days, my long standing as 
>>a curmudgeon and a pundit prevents me from being silent when 
>>there's a policy issue that doesn't seem to make sense or that I 
>>just don't get.
>>I understand the pricing strategy at Revolution, even though I'm 
>>not altogether sure how I feel about paying $300 for a product and 
>>getting NO support. it's been a long time since I saw a practice 
>>like that.
>I understand your feeling as you put it but what is this premise 
>that there is no support on the use-revolution list? In just the 
>last seven days (the limit of my Deleted folder) there have been 
>eleven specific technical help responses from different Runrev 
>people to the user list, accessible to anyone with any version of 
>Revolution, aside from other information about manuals and events. 
>If you ask on the use-revolution list, or propose something, it does 
>not go unnoticed. There is not "merely" a user list.

No, No. I said it wrong.

The license provisions for the small business license specifically 
excludes official tech support. If it hadn't been for this list:

(a) I probably would never have tried to tackle a project unless I 
could afford the Pro license.
(b) I couldn't have finished my first project.

I completely understand the value of this list and want to assure 
everyone that I am not denigrating that at all. I'm just not 
accustomed to spending several hundred dollars on a piece of software 
whose license terms explicitly indicate no tech support. Seems kind 
of bizarre!

>This is not intended as a flame on my part but rather, surprise. I 
>think perhaps you may not yet have discovered the level of support 
>actually available to everyone.
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