Displaying graphics elements or buttons on top of a QuickTime movie

Troy Rollins troy at rpsystems.net
Sat Jul 6 17:21:01 EDT 2002

On Saturday, July 6, 2002, at 12:21  PM, Ken Lipscomb wrote:

> Thanks for the info.  I will try out your suggestion. ...One thing I
> noticed is that the pointer/cursor can be seen on top of a QTMovie with
> no apparent degradation in speed.  Is it possible to have a graphic
> exist in the pointer/cursor plane?

Well, yes and no. QT respects the cursor of course, but that plane is 
only available to cursors. You can of course replace the cursor within 
Revolution, but I suspect that you'll find that in order for a graphic 
which is "behaving" as the cursor to pass in front of, rather than 
behind, the QT, you'll need to alwaysbuffer=true the player anyway - 
which of course, rather defeats the intention. Most programs which do 
cursor replacement are actually hiding the cursor and then dragging a 
graphic where the cursor should be. Rev can also replace the cursor with 
a valid cursor resource, but unless the graphics you want to use are 16 
pixels square and black and white...

  The only real way to have buttons on top of QuickTime without 
significant performance hits is to create "wired movies" - meaning that 
the buttons are actually in the Quicktime, and not layered on top of it.

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