Almost There

Dan Shafer pydan at
Fri Jul 5 16:09:01 EDT 2002

OK, I'm almost there. My stack kept losing icons until I figured out i had 
to include the MetaCard Compatible icon resource. Now it's working 
basically fine except I still can't get it to write any data out. I add 
cards with content, which in turn resets a custom property of the stack. I 
quit. I relaunch. THings are as they were before I added any cards.

I think I have followed all the directions I've gotten.

In the Distribution Builder, I have:

* right file and stacks selected
* "Move substacks into individual files" selected, with the default 
checkbox on and the first one off
* on Resources tab, I have cursors, geometry libraries, printing libraries, 
both standard and MC icons but not database or internet
* on Resources tab, I have also set "Make resources substacks of standalone 
mainstack" on.
* I have changed nothing on Mac OS or Windows tabs

I get a stack that looks like it runs but the data never gets updated.

This is all quite bewildering.

Dan Shafer, Chief Scribe and Tablet Keeper
PythonCard Open Source Project

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