tab order issues

Steve Messimer steve at
Fri Jul 5 08:36:01 EDT 2002

I am currently working with nested groups and I have noticed an interesting

I have a group consisting of fields that I would like to create a tab order
for.  The grp is nested within a grp which is itself nested in a group.  Try
as I might, I am unable to disable the "Don't Tab to Contained Objects"
under the grps tab of the grps property window.  When I set this property I
can apparently save the change but then when I check to see if the change
has been accepted I find the "Don't Tab to Contained Objects" checkbox is
still enabled. This is present in all nested grps and as you know prevents
me from tabbing to contained objects.

I tried setting the  tabGroupBehavior of each group separately using the msg
box but the result was the same.

Anybody else run into this problem?

System config: Mac OS 9.2.2, X 10.1.5, G-4 450 tower 512 MB RAM.

RR v 1.1.1r2



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Messimer Computing, Inc
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